KAM policy (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment)
The management of Delco Europe B.V. sees it as its duty to realize its activities, products and services with well-trained personnel, the most suitable materials, tools and resources to meet the thus and obvious demands and wishes of clients.

The policy is aimed at leaving every employee to work in the healthiest and safest way possible, experiencing the general well-being of employees and damaging the environment as little as possible. This also implies the care for the safety and health of third parties.

The company meets the requirements of product, health, safety and environmental legislation and regulations, but goes beyond what is minimally required. The company has drawn up an improvement plan / plan of approach and objectives, so that the KAM aspects and effects are controlled.

The management is well aware that the interests of not only the employee and employer, but also those of the customer / client are served. After all, the aforementioned objective provides direct and indirect access to an active organization, the prevention of active and environmental damage, personal injury and a reduction in costs.

Recruiting, training and informing our own employees and purchasing qualitative third parties & products must ensure that the quality of products and services is realized and improved.

The management will take initiatives to improve quality, safety, health and the prevention of environmental pollution. On the other hand, the management will appeal to the cooperation of all employees. This is a continuous process.

All employees, both in line and in staff position (as laid down in the organization chart, job descriptions and in the KAM handbook), are required to co-endorse the objectives of the management. Every staff member is expected to do his / her work, KAM rules of the company. In addition, everyone is expected to alert colleagues who work in an unsafe, unhealthy way. In addition, a KAM official has been appointed to continuously monitor and improve this.
By means of customer satisfaction surveys and measurements, the company also tried to continuously increase client and customer satisfaction.

The management tests the quality, working conditions and environmental policy and objectives daily during the management review.
A management system has been set up for the above. This system is periodically tested by external authorized certification bodies against the current versions of the standard (s): NEN-EN-ISO 9001 and NEN-EN-ISO 14001.

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